Sighting a Deer Hunting Rifle Some Preliminaries

Before we get started on the mechanics of sighting in, there are a few things that need to be said:

This assumes certain things like:

  • You are a *responsible hunter.
  • You have a rifle of the *appropriate caliber, which is safe and in good repair.

Other things that should be kept in mind when sighting a deer hunting rifle, or any weapon, should also be said here:

  • Ammunition change means a change in the bullet’s point of impact. Every change in component means a change on the target. *A different primer, powder, bullet, cartridge case, any and all of these things will send the projectile to a slightly different point downrange. A rifle should be sighted in every time ammunition is changed.
  • A change in rifle should include sighting it in. A new rifle will not shoot the same ammunition to the same point of aim as your old one straight out of the box.

I know these things sound elementary, but there are those who are not as familiar with these facts as we might assume.

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