Put Away The Deer Hunting Games | Sight In Your Deer Rifle

Time to put away the deer hunting games and sight in your deer rifle.

My son had one of those deer hunting games. The game had a feature allowing for choosing your rifle, and a provision for sighting in. It was sort of nice, and a little more realistic than the arcade type games we saw after I was grown, having grown up in the day when pinball was the rage, and before “pong” was even invented.

“Dad, this game sucks” he said, “I can’t hit anything, would you try?” I was a little reluctant, not having done much “gaming” before, but I set the rifle scope up where the cross hairs were resting on the shoulder area, you know, perfect for a broadside heart and lung shot, and gave the mouse a gentle little squeeze. What happened next surprised me. The dear fell of course, but what really surprised me was the rush that I got as a result of this game. It was strangely reminiscent of the same sensations in the field! I tried it a few more times, with the same result, and got bored. I gave him back his seat, and told him to be more gentle with the mouse when he clicked it, and that solved his problem.

A transferable skill.

It was one of those skills that transfered easily from one application to another, and was uncharacteristic of the games of the day, because it bore a resemblance to reality. If you jerk the trigger on a rifle, you jerk the rifle off target. If you apply that knowledge to the mouse, you get the same result.

Being accurate with your rifle is not only of benefit to the hunter, but is also the only responsible way to hunt! We should strive for accuracy not only for our sake, but also for the sake of your prey, and the safety of everyone else. I want to offer a few helpful tips on ammunition, and sighting in a rifle as a reminder for deer hunters and others.

Sighting a rifle, some preliminaries.

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